the best care for your pets

Not me.  I'm a horse

I'm a bird!

Well ... I'm just as good looking!

What!  Pass up a chance to the wild?

(775) 240-0017

Got it.  See!

You are simply adorable!

Are you ready to get going?

Fish food.  Yum

Get ready to catch it

Think they like your company

Hmm ... we'll think about it

Pets In Action

Calling all birds

Yes, indeed


Will sniff it out for you

How about Frisbee time, interested?

We're being cornered

No, silly.  Just kidding!

Yup, think we'll check the outdoors

There's wild life out there?

Is it dinner yet?

These too, don't you think?

Just soaking in the sunlight

Finally!  Summer is here again