Old Man Winter is here!

No, like this

Leave that boy alone!  How would you like to be in it?  Hmm

You betcha, kiddo

Let's share body heat, shall we?

Yup!  Better stay in

Pets In Action

I prefer a good old fashion hug

Give me a kiss, right here

I think you look adorable - ha ha

Be patient, it's coming

Turn up the heat, silly!

It is cold in this house!

You mean, like this?

Come on over.  I'll share

Are you getting us some food?

Taking a breather in the cold

Enough of that mush!!

Let's stretch

Isn't that what mothers are for?

Not us

Hey, take it easy on your mother, little ones

With a vengeance!!

the best care for your pets

(775) 240-0017

Hey, will someone take this off my head, please

It's nice out here - join us