Let me be the judge for them

There goes the ball.

Don't forget to include a yard

Give it a rest, will you!

Think we'll join in.  Don't tell on us.

Yeah, we think we'll stay indoors

Pets In Action

the best care for your pets

Got it.  See!

Did you find the ball?

How about a pool inside?

Who says you are qualified?

Not me!  I'm sneaking out.

(775) 240-0017

The heat is on - high 90F, no smoke

What!  Dogs are meant to walk

Nothing, but the best

What's it worth to you ... hmm?

What! A runaway horse!!

Look, begging for food over here

That's a given, silly!

Let's check this neighborhood

Shall we go for a walk?

I have to sniff it out for myself!

I have one in the stroller!

This one seems decent

Not me.  I have food and water.