Food, you silly

Look! I'm an alien dog

Then, it's siesta time!

And a belly rub, please

A stroll after food

I'm bummed out!  I'm a snow dog.  Where is the snow?

Yes, definitely

Not to worry.  We'll make sure you'll get your share

Don't forget about me

And Water

And Vegetables

What are looking for?

Okay, we're searching

Come help us

Enough of this foolishness

And to the "King"

More power to you, Alien Dog

Not me.  I'm king of the jungle

Who are you trying to fool?

Oh come on.  Cats have 9 lives, right?

Sure, but I prefer it down here

Look!  Can you get up here?

Yeah, be patient.  You hound

It'll come soon enough.  Just wait!

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